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Bruno Halimi

Founder | CEO

Originally from the hospitality industry in France. Bruno Halimi has been quickly established himself as a top developer in his industry. His ability to connect with the international clientele transcends language and cultural barriers that ease his client.


His resourcefulness, inspiration forthe contemporary architecture, heightened sense of discretion allow him to comprehend his client’s needs and find an elegant solution.
He is dedicating himself to the smallest of details throughout the entire project. Working with quality people and building quality projects is in his DNA. His dedication to the details is infectious to all in his field, and his passion for the design comes alive. With overwhelming energy, he inspires everyone around him to do better every day with quality, distinction, and value.

His vision with designers, architects, and engineers is to transcend concept into reality. He is inspiring everyone involved in the project to deliver extraordinary results.
Bruno is dedicated to quality custom designs. Providing improvements to the interior and/or exterior spaces, specializing in residential and commercial project projects and multi-use office spaces.

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